What we do


We provide you with the piece of mind, providing you with complete Medical Management for any and all types of events - Nationally and Internationally. 


All our Events Medical Staff are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa - (HPCSA) and experience in this field to allow us to provide you with the desired resources, equipment and logistical support, so that you don't have to.


A Medical Management Plan (MMP) can be compiled prior to your event with all required resources and staff necessities according to the SANS10366 requirements, should it be necessary for such a report.

Placement of on-site medical staff is a popular and cost effective method for management of any type of event. 


We provide peace of mind

General Services

  • Events Medical Operations Management;

  • Dedicated Medical Resources;

  • Emergency Medical Equipment;

  • OHSA First Aid Equipment

Medical Escorts

(National & International)

  • Doctor/Nurse/Paramedic

Health & Wellness Days

  • Testing of Blood Pressure,

  • Pulse rate,

  • Cholesterol,

  • Weight,

  • ECG,

  • Lung Functions,

  • Eye Tests,

  • Sugar Levels,


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